Baby Boomers of Pakistan- The New Sensation of The Social Media

Baby Boomers of Pakistan- The New Sensation of The Social Media

Who were the new users of social media in 2016? How brands should plan their next move?

Just like the other part of the world, the trend of social media is booming in Pakistan as well. Yet it has to reach the highest penetration.The drivers which are giving rise to the use of the social media are the government regulating to encourage the technology in Pakistan like the use of 3G and 4G.Due to such advancement the number of users on internet are increasing by 43% a month. This includes the urban and rural both population. Currently, if you have witnessed the advertisement of Telenor, portraying free internet and Facebook for lower-tier in the market. The trend attracts the farmer of the village to develop interaction through Facebook.

Now what all these platforms are doing, they are creating a mass which is more active on social media rather than on televisions.The masses that interacts initially constituted the young generation. In fact the data depicted in past years till 2012, the sudden rise in the signup so the young people ranging from age 16-28 years. But after the smooth flow of internet the usage has shifted toward the other generation, now what is that generation.The answer will be revealed in later paragraphs. But first we need to understand, how facebook and YouTube, I have entitled these tow because these are the two most poplar sites which are famous in the generating we are going to talk about.

If we see facebook, it has made itself so lively and user-friendly that it incorporates the elements that are attractive to the all generations. The social networks have established so well that the demographics making the part of social media are shifting from Youth to senior citizens or more specifically to the generation our parents, and uncle belongs.


By new generation I don’t mean the youth or the teenagers but our parent, uncles and aunties who have just started using the facebook, Instagrammostpopularly. Many of you might have already received a friend request from your parents and the nearby neighbor aunty. What does it depicts.It depicts that the new signups on facebook and Instagram and even on what Sapp are the people age between 30 to 65 years.

Many of you might have witnessed your mom commenting on your photo or sharing a funny video that you were in fact thinking to share.The trend depicts that these generation is far more active on facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp than us. Many times the females’ f example our mom or aunties are seen to watch their favorite soap or drama online rather than on TV. Because on TV the advertisement takes too long and wastes the times. Now what the moms do, they just log to facebook or YouTube to watch their serial.

Now what does this trend depicts? It shows that all the advertisement and the investment put on TV commercials has gone in to vain, because the target audience is not watching the advertisement. Since it is just a start to the trend, it has a little effect, but the time is near when all the young and old population will turn to social media sites to address and fulfill their needs.

Skype has always been the favorite to use free calls and get in connection with the friends or relatives who are living aboard. Now WhatsApp has introduced calling and video sharing icon, which has made the lives of our moms and dads, uncle easier to contact.

The reason on one hand is the ease social media offer, yet smartphones has also played its role in encouraging the use of social media especially facebook. You might have also witnessed that you “maid” cook andeven driver who are of age 30+ appears on your facebook suggestion.

Basically facebook is using the algorithm established by what people react to, and also synchronizes the phone with facebook.This enable the old generation or the baby boomers of Pakistan to get in connection with all the lost friends and long distance relatives easily.

You might have also witnessed your mom’s asking you or in fact searching for the missed cooking show ion YouTube or you uncle pouting the pictures and updating statuses on facebook. Whatdoes all of this shows. This show that the behavior of the users is changing, now only the youngsters are not the active users but the baby boomers of Pakistan too.

How the shift effects the marketing tactics and approaches

According to the research and consensus offered the PTA about 71% of the new user’s logged signup for facebook? Followed by twitter which has been aggressively used by the big brads operating in Pakistan and the celebrities like Qandeel Baloch #Qandeeltalks to target the audience. In addition Instagram and Skype were also showed an increasing trend.According to the consensus

75% have a company page on a social networking site.  69% post status updates or articles of interest on social media sites.  57% build a network through a site such as LinkedIn.  54% monitor feedback about the business.  39% maintain a blog.  26% tweet about areas of expertise.  16% use Twitter as a service addition to all this, the five start factor which may shift or convert more users to social media is the performance of our “Stick exchange” which depicted a rise of 45%.

Another reason of the shift and growth in social media is people are getting aware of the fact that through social media they can mitigate the fixed cost. Moreover people in Pakistan has started trusting the brand through online channel especially the baby boomer of Pakistan.

The point of talking about all these shifts in behavior is to depict the shift which is taking place in the market, which may soon change the overall strategies of the company operating in Pakistan.

In near time, the brands in Pakistan must devise an online strategy to tap and target through h social media. Because it would be the platform which will serve as medium to reach the target audience.BecauseTV and billboard advertisement may obsolete in future times. The most eminent factor is moms watching serials online.

So what should we do?

Since the market of Pakistan is shifting and a huge flux of customer with homogenous population is entering the market, it has become important for the organization and the local brads in Pakistan to start devising the online strategy to sell the product or to reach the maximum customer doing so, the brand mangers of the local brand must start working on the online platform. They shall understand that the reach social media offers without incurring any high cs ac make them a success story. Take the example of Arshad aka #chaiwala who through social media became a star.You need to develop a content on which people might talk about. It is very important to create engagement and involvement of eh customer base. A NORMAL user will not talk about your product in which he does not see his benefit or hits the interest grounds of particular individual.

The brand needs to create a content which offers value, involvement and engagement at the same time to make people talk about it. Talking about the bard will create word of mouth which in case of social media is sharing and reposting the content.This technique and tactic creates awareness of the brand in the market and expands the market of the brand without the restriction of the physical boundaries.

Since Social media marketing attracts personal characteristics to individual users; it therefore has the potential to become a stronger advertising tool for marketers to communicate a more convincing marketing message. Social media platforms are constructed through the variety of advertising tools available for the marketer, and are growing to become an even more important marketing platform than first anticipated. Marketers must react to consumer’s shift to online communication and embrace social media as a new form of advertising media.

However with this shift to this new form of media with a new customer base, social media marketing cannot be compared to traditional marketing because traditional marketing focuses on one way communication with control (i.e. controlling all content that the consumer receives), whereas social media marketing focuses on two-way communication and leaves control consequently in the hands of the user. It is therefore important for marketers to consider and evaluate the content marketed and advertised on social media in advance to marketing campaigns, in an attempt to anticipate various outcomes that the user may react to.

It is important to consider that social media varies for different customers. Its intention is not to replace telephone or email communication, but to complement them or integrate them alongside social media marketing campaigns. Social media can “create opportunities for companies to tell their own stories.” Encouraging this new digital era that we live in, social media is merely appealing to a new generation of customers – the moms and dads and uncles globally which has the potential to shape the way marketers communicate a business’s marketing message.


Pictures, pictures and a lot of pictures

The generation which interacts through social media is always in hurry. It scrolls the facebook page or twitter or Instagram as fast as you ca think, so you must grab the attention in initial 5 seconds which can be done by the use of pictures. The picture shall serve the purpose and the value of the brand.

Create original content

You know what, 80% of the content you see on the social platforms is a reproduced idea. Which is derived from the 20% original content produced by the brands.BE THAT 20%.In doing so, try to create your own flashy content by hiring good animators and editors which can transform your content into a professional content thus making it professional enough to be used by others.

Showcase your expertise

People connect with human not with machines.The brands must take the good advantage of the doing so, start producing the content which depicts the story behind the brands especially the new baby boomers who relate only if they see something real and natural. Thus will make people relate and connect with your brand. Which in-turn Increases the virality through sharing the story. In doing so, use more pictures and quote to describe your journey and not the log video.GIF feature on facebook can be an effective tool to reimburse the importance of something important that your brand want the customer talk about or relate to.

Crowd source the content

If you are a soap company and you “crowd source” your community to suggest a new flavor of the soap, you receive exposure online if the “conversation” is shared from friend to friend. Why not do this visually?  The concept, extended, can be relevant to activities where you engage fans to:

  • Create and share images relevant to your business (therefore showcasing your brand)
  • Connect with and promote your brand visually
  • Contribute to photo and video competitions, promotions or events.
  • If you can involve your community to help you “solve a problem” such as the name of your new product, or content to share online – they will be more than happy to help you!  If you can bring videos, images or photos into the mix. They will help you in a way that will share your message wider and quicker.

You need to utilize the time of the new generation effectively to engage with your brand.

Add catchy words

I don’t ask you to add a lot of words and description to the product but instead use a mix of pictures and the words to develop the interest of the target audience. In doing so put yourself in the shoe the customer, and analyze how much of the content you read?

In addition, link every photo, with the point of contact. Be it a website, a WhatsApp number or any Instagram platform. Make sure it directly redirects the customer to the site without any turbulence. But remember, make the contact point as efficient as it can be, so the customer may not lose the interest and make it easy, because the new generation which has popped up on social sites is not a technology pro.

These are some of the elements of the social media and the effective technique to grab the hold over the users to visualize the product to the highest level. Moreover, the brands shall put more emphasis on social media marketing for future times which may be the next 6 ,months to tap and target the audience. The shift is eminent and so the strategy shall be to win the war in Social media Marketing paradigm.

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