Kenwood Machine TVC Advertisement, Commercial Review – #BrandAudit

Kenwood Machine TVC Advertisement, Commercial Review – #BrandAudit

Before starting the analysis of the Kenwood ad which has again failed to develop a strong brand attachment. Let’s first focus on the power of digital. We all live in a digital world, interacting and connecting with people through digital mediums,and since it has become an integral part of our lives, it imposes strong impression on our mind, not only this, it shapes the way we think as its just mental psychology, the things we see and get exposed to are stored in our subconscious mine and come to consciousness when exposed to such similar vision.



Now since we know the power of digital on the mindset of the normalPakistani population, lets analyse the ad again. In the particular ad, the husband (Nawaz Uddin) has been depicted partying with a friend at his home when all of a sudden a friend asked abouthis wife (Ayesha khan).

And the face expression of Nawaz Uddin changed out lining the conflict between husband and wife. Now from here the words of Nawaz-adding again demonst rated the idea of disrespecting women and also the typicality of husband-wife relationship in Pakistani culture. The dialogue “Bhaise attitude nahibardashthota” depicts that husbands areintolerant and the act they do in response to attitude arejustified as husbands are prone to be intolerant.

Kenwood Machine

Kenwood Machine

Not only this is going to impact the rating of the ad, but Nawaz Uddin also portrayed himself as being domestically abusing his wife which is why she has left the house. The reason for wife “dhulaye” is justified for being loud in the conversation,and then it is associated with “kapron ki dhulaye”. How poor the placement and positioning of the catch phrase, that it propagated the negativity and absolute domestic violence. It actually portrayed that the extent to which husband hits the wife, Kenwood machine washes the cloth to that extent.

Though the ad ended with the joke for bringing Nawaz Uddinlying to his friends. Now, this again depicts the typicality of husbands mindset, which is they are not afraid of their wife and they are above to their wife in terms of power and position. Yes! they are but not as being the autocrat that promotes domestic violence but the man that protects his wife and serves her as a shield.

Coming from the marketing perspective:


The use of word “Dhulaye” and association with the washing power of the Kenwood machine has been disastrous. Since the word signal led the domestic violence and disrespect of women, it has created a negativity in the market regarding the Kenwood brand.

Target Market

In Pakistan, the buying decision for personal care and electronics lie at the side of the women. Since the ad has been throughout disrespecting women and that has promoted the domestic violence, it has deeply hurt the brand image and customer loyalty towards Kenwood. Now how can Kenwood even think that the women in the Pakistani market would even choose Kenwood machine over other machines?

All in all, the ads have been discourses and has again failed to develop strong barn attached and emotional content. It, in fact, has ignited many of the Pakistani women and men also for showing the wrong image of Pakistani culture and that of the modern man. We love in 2017, where the majority of the population is millennial and where husband and wife are moving along with the same respect in the society with not taking domestic violence a normal thing. Infact, it does not even take as the factor of macho image “of men in society and society disregards such men and also such ads.

Promotion of Domestic Violence

The ad created a sense of negativity and instead of developing strong barn connectedness, it developed the surge of negativity for showing the disregard of women and the use of a lie to reinforce the macho image of husband in front of the friends. It clearly outlined a conflicted disputing relationship of husband and wife and justified it through continuous reinforcement from Nawaz Uddin Kenwood ad.


Kenwood ad Rating:

Kenwood ad Rating

Kenwood ad Rating

Kenwood Machine

Kenwood Machine

Brand Value




Effective Usibility


Value Proposition


Maintenance of Brand


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