Social Media In Pakistan

Social Media In Pakistan

Social Media

The term social refers to people or community sharing their information and receiving information from them. The term media refers to the tools of communication. Social media is a form of promotion through an electronic method such as the Internet. It is that form of media in which people or community share their information, knowledge, content-sharing and inputs on an online basis. Social media is becoming one of the most powerful tools of media in which people are able to sell or buy products easily just by accessing the internet.

Social media has been increasing day by day as many businesses prefer to use the internet for the promotion of their product instead of T.V ads, billboards and other form of mediums.

Benefits of Social Media in Business:

A business can gain a lot of benefits of using social media to promote their goods and services. Almost every business is using social media as its one of the cheapest and easiest form of promotion. With the help of social media, businesses are able to conduct their commerce throughout the country or even globally. It is vital for a business to use social media for its survival in the recent tough markets. The benefits that a business can gain by using social media are the following:

Gain customers:

With the help of social media, a business can easily attract and gain more customers by promoting their product or services on the internet. Businesses that are using social media can easily expand their company.  There are many e-commerce websites in which people conduct buying and selling of goods such as eBay, Amazon, Etsy and etc. A business can easily get the desired information just by using social media for gathering customer data and can take effective business decisions.

Improving Brand Loyalty:

Due to social media, a company can improve its brand image and also in creating awareness among the people. For example, a company can send e-mails and posts to their existing customers for the launching of new products, the changes they are likely to bring in their company and offering a discount to the customers on their product. A business having its own website can also improve the brand image in perspective to the customers.

Social media is the best form of two-way communication nowadays.  It helps in making strong relationships with the customers. Businesses can easily get feedback about their product and services which help them make future strategies in which they fulfil the needs and wants of their customers.

Launching Ads:

The social ads are becoming one of the most used methods for the promotion of the business as its one of the inexpensive form of media.As it is now globally recognised that social media is growing on like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram and so on, now they are an excellent source of organic growth of the business. For example, a business can post ads for hiring in LinkedIn or websites such as to hire skilled labours. Or can use Facebook to promote their products and services.

Providing Customer Service:

A business can easily provide customer service 24/7 to the customers who require info or solution for their problems in the company’s product. It was surveyed that around 67% of the customer use social media for customer service due to fast responsive timing.

Gathering Data:

Businesses can use social media to acquire the information and data by customers easily. For making effective decisions and also discovering opportunities for growth, companies use social media to gather information from Facebook, Twitter and another selling website such as eBay, Etsy and Amazon. The company can use the data to observe the buying behaviour of the customers.

Analysing Competitors:

Business can use social media for analysing its competitors by viewing their website, content, images and what class of people are following them. For example, if a company is not getting the desired results from its customers whereas its competitor has been achieving tremendous response then the company can use social media to analyse what the competitor is doing, and the company is not.

Analysing the competitor doesn’t generally mean that you copy your competitor’s product and strategy but to present your own strategy to overcome the competitor.

Discovering new supplier:

With social media, a business can discover various new suppliers for getting the materials for the production of its goods. A company can achieve in gaining new suppliers who provide high-quality materials and at a cheap cost.

Going Global

A business can easily expand its business and do its trading outside the country with the help of social media. There are many selling websites such as eBay, Alibaba, Amazon and which company is able to sell and gain new customers or make their own websites for providing the information and selling of the product. It is considered as one of the most inexpensive methods for doing business globally.

Social Media Marketing Strategy:

It is vital for a company to have marketing strategies before promoting its brand and company in social media. Following are some of the marketing strategies which will help a company in doing social media marketing effectively:

Social plan for each media channel:

Many of the companies have made blunders in jumping in social media marketing without a proper plan and strategy. It is important for a company to have proper strategies to deal with social media marketing. If a company is a newcomer in social media, it is imperative to restrict itself to using too many media channels. A company new to social media should have about two to three social media channels. There were many small companies who were trying to manage six or eight media channels in which they often fail to achieve the target.

Continuously Posting:

It is crucial that a company must post consistently to run effective social media marketing. It is important for using proper channels to post information regarding their product, service or company such as in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others. One post or tweet a day won’t make much of a difference and mostly won’t change much of a situation. There are some of the principles which should be kept in mind before posting on social media such as:

  • Content should be clear and understandable before making it public.
  • Observing the impact of the post in the social media.
  • Results of regularity posting in social media.
  • Re-posting of content according to the results.

Many social media channels have people with different social status, culture, age and demographics. It is important for the company to select the appropriate channel according to their liking. For example, LinkedIn is for business and employment social media in which it consists of segments for age, location, company, job description and the list continues. While Facebook is a social networking service in which the segments consist of people’s interest, behaviour and connections. So it is vital for the company to select the appropriate channels according to the posts.

The content should not only be clear and of high quality but also should be valuable to people as to attract them. The company needs to be mindful on the feedback of the customers and taking it into account for providing effective social media marketing if the company desires to survive in the industry.

Social Media Management Tools:

There are various social media management tools which a company can use to enhance their social media marketing. Social media management tool which helps in creating, posting, customising content very easily on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and etc. It is used for publishing content in Android and iOS. Following are some of the media management tools:

  • Every post
  • Buffer
  • Social Oomph
  • Hootsuite
  • Sprout social

There are several advantages of using these social media management tools which are of the following:

  • It helps in managing contents on multiple social pages.
  • The tools provide in analysing and monitoring the social media performance of the contents.
  • Assists in scheduling of posts in advance.
  • There are some social media management tools which help in two-way communication as around 67% of people use online customer services. This helps in the engagement and maintaining arelationship with the customers.
  • There is a special feature called Single dashboard which helps in making social media marketing much more straightforward and comfortable.

Posting Images:

There are several websites in which social media marketing is done through the posting of photos and images such as Flickr, Pinterest and Instagram. Most of the people are attracted by pictures and images instead of words or contents. For attracting customers, it is critical for a company to keep posting pictures of their product and services for effective social media marketing. The quality of the pictures should be high and attractive.

Analysing and Monitoring Social Media:

It is vital for the company to keep analysing the performance and effectiveness of the social media marketing. The company can analyse the social media by the feedback of the customers on the contents, posts and pictures by carefully viewing the likes, dislikes, comments and view counts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and etc.

Types of Social Media

There are many types of channels for a company to do promotion and advertisement through social media. These channels of social media help in connecting, communicating, sharing information and interest with each another. For a company to do effective social media marketing, it is crucial that the company uses appropriate channels according to the advertisement, promotion and posts. Following are some of the types of social media marketing:


Facebook is one of the largest social media networks which is almost used by every person in the world.Almost every person is connected on Facebook in which they share their information, likes, dislikes and among other traits. A business can utilise Facebook by making its own Facebook page to create consciousness of the company, in which it can post about its company, the product and service they are dealing in, providing customer support, for anannouncementof new products or price discounts and other details.

There are various features in Facebook as it can do promotions and create awareness of the Facebook page by charging asmall amount of money. Many companies use this feature to create awareness and attract more customers.


One of the best social media marketing channels is “YouTube” in which people can post videos which are shared all across the internet. A company can post its videos to do promotion of itself and the product to the customer. It is also one of the effective media marketing tools for engaging and reaching to the target market. The business can easily analyse the effectiveness of the videos by the view counts, like, dislikes and comments. The advertisers pay a small amount of money ranging from $0.10 – $0.30 for an ad.


LinkedIn is mainly a business and employment-related social media network. In which the people share their complete information, such as their age, gender, education background, skills and job details. This basically helps in the recruitment of employees in which job seekers post their CV.

Selling Websites:

There are many websites made for the buying and selling of goods and products globally. The name of some well-known forums is eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Alibaba and more. People can easily sell their product by simply putting an image of the product and its selling price. Alibaba is a website in which companies sell their products in bulks. Alibaba is considered as a B2B selling website.

There are many other social media networks used by companies for making recognition of the company and promoting their products.

Social Media in Pakistan

Background of Social Media in Pakistan

The use of social media in Pakistan has been greatly increasing these days. Due to the technological changes and advances in the internet, most of the companies of Pakistan prefer to use social media networks. Also, the introduction of the high internet speed system in mobile broadband such as 3G and 4G in Pakistan’s urban and rural region has caused the use of internet in almost every home. Most of the social media platforms used in Pakistan is various search engines, and the most popular online activity is the usage of Facebook. The second most used social media platform is Google in which about 3 billion connections access google per day. After which, Twitter and Instagram are mostly accessed by the internet users in Pakistan.

The government of Pakistan is taking various steps for providing facilities and improvement on the internet. There are many companies such as Zong and Warid who are cooperating with the Chinese companies for the development and improvement of 3G and 4G mobile internet services.

Social Media used by business in Pakistan

Without a proper promotion of the company and its product, the business cannot survive in the existing market. The use of social media by businesses in Pakistan is ever increasing in which almost every small company have a website of its own. The reason being internet is considered the most inexpensive among other promotion methods, and also it’s easy to use. Most of the firms are even using the internet for conducting business outside the country for selling its goods. With the internet the business can cover more areas for advertising and gain more valuable customers. There are also many companies in Pakistan which are providing marketing strategies and a business plan for conducting social media marketing to other businesses.

Effective Social Media Platforms in Pakistan

As a survey was conducted to determine the most used social media platform in Pakistan, the most effective social media channel would be Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for doing promotions. The business can use these channels for the promotion of its company and its product and gain more customers.


Most of the internet users in Pakistan are the ones who are engaged in Facebook. The business can utilisethis advantage by creating his own Facebook page with providing the details about its product, providing customer support service and the announcements such as special discounts. Facebook provides various features for the promotion of the company’s Facebook page by charging a small amount of money. Also few features such as the total visits of the people and their action in which the company can analyse and strategize accordingly.

With company using the Facebook special promotion feature, it would attract more customers to their page and may gain more valuable customers.

Other Selling Websites

There are few websites known for buying and selling of goods and products in Pakistan. The most popular website which is known for selling and buying is OLX and Daraz. The transactions which are involved in OLX and Daraz are B2b, B2c and C2c. A company can use these selling websites to create alertness and gain more potential customers.As most of the people are now using these websites to buy products instead of going and visiting markets, so there lies a great potential in the selling of products through these websites.

Own Website

For attracting valued customers, it is crucial for a company to have its own website by its own name. In the website, it can give the details about the company, along with the products and services they are providing and also providing customer support service. The benefits of having an own website will cause in gaining new customers, long-term clients, advertising and promotion, better relationships with the customers and feedback of the customers.The company can use discounting methods from buying online to attract and gain more customers.

With a proper use of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), a company can earn better visibility of its website on the web search engine such as google.


Instagram is another social media platform in which the people share their photos and videos. Seeing that most of the people in Pakistan uses Instagram for sharing their videos and images, the company can take advantage by sharing their videos and images of the product to create awareness and to gain more customers. For example, a garment company can post images and videos of its product such as jeans, shirts and other various garments to attract customers in buying the product.


Twitter is also one of the biggest social media platforms in which people use it for checking online news and for interacting one another. Since this is a website which is mostly used in Pakistan, the company can use this social media channel for promoting and creating awareness of the product and the company. The company can post its latest news and announcements on Twitter, and these posts should be attractive in creating more customers. For example, a company can use Twitter to announce the release of new products, sales discount on the product, improvements made in their product and etc.


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